(CRSIM) offers one of the most flexible and adventurous massage therapist training programs in the world.

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Students work at their own pace with online coursework, and then explore their new, therapeutic craft with hands-on instruction in Costa Rica.

With affordable pricing and a variety of payment options, students can start a new career in 3-6 months.

The knowledge gained in this 500 hour massage therapist training program goes beyond traditional experiences found at other institutes. Our students grow not just as practitioners, but as compassionate therapists and savvy business owners.

The training abroad experience allows students an option to live with a host family and explore Costa Rica.

The synergetic result of the massage therapy training while living abroad compels our students to become more aware and considerate of what their clients unique needs will be, leading them to become more knowledgeable therapists.

In addition, CRSIM gives students training on the business management of massage therapy. All staff have prior experience running companies, and on-site sessions will cover how to build, market and sustain a company in the massage therapy industry.

The future of massage therapy is strong, with an estimated 20% growth expected over the next 10 years. Our students leave this 500 hour course ready to practice massage therapy in spas and private clinics throughout the United States for many years to come.